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A simple, safe, free comment system.
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This document is for American English. This document has many bugs.



  • Free Build.(Using CloudBase / Vercel / self-hosted as the commenting backend)
  • Simple Deployment.(Support CloudBase / Vercel one-click deployment)

Easy to use

  • Support reply, like.
  • No additional adaptations, support with light theme and dark theme use.
  • Support API , batch get article comment count, latest comments.
  • Visitors entering QQ number in the nickname field will automatically complete the QQ nickname and QQ email.
  • Visitors fill in the digital QQ e-mail, will use the QQ avatar as the comment avatar.
  • Support the comment to paste pictures.(Can be disabled)
  • Support inserting pictures.(Can be disabled)
  • Support 7bu image bed, Tencent CloudBase image bed.
  • Support inserting emoji.(Can be disabled)
  • Support Ctrl + Enter reply.
  • Comments are saved in draft in real time and will not be lost when refreshed.
  • Support Katex in new window
  • Support for code highlighting by language.


  • Privacy and information security. (sensitive fields (email, IP, environment configuration, etc.) are not leaked through Tencent cloud function control)
  • Support for Akismet spam comment detection.(View Details akismet.comopen in new window
  • Support Tencent Cloud content security spam comment detection.(View Details Tencent Cloud Content Securityopen in new window
  • Support manual review mode.
  • Anti XSS Attack.
  • Support for limiting the maximum number of comments per IP per 10 minutes.



  • Background image.
  • the "blogger" logo text.
  • Notification Email Template.
  • Comment prompt message.(placeholder)
  • emoji(OwO 的数据格式open in new window
  • 【Nickname】 【Email】 【Website】 Required / Optional
  • Code highlighting theme.


  • Embedded panel with password login to easily view comments, hide comments, delete comments and modify configuration.
  • Support to hide the management portal and show it by entering a secret code.
  • Support for importing comments from Valine, Artalk, Disqus.


  • IE is not supported.








Quick Start

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If you want to get updates, make suggestions and participate in the test, welcome to join the discussion group:1080829142 (QQ)

Special Thanks

Icon design:Maemo Leeopen in new window

Release notes & plans

Update logsopen in new window & Development Planopen in new window


If you want to develop locally for a second time, you can refer to the following commands:

yarn dev # (http://localhost:9820/demo.html)
yarn lint 
yarn build # (dist/twikoo.all.min.js)

If your changes can help more people, feel free to submit a Pull Request!


Support Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English. translate Pull Requestopen in new window.


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